Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good bye to old friends

We had to say goodbye to our dog, April, this week. She was 16 years old and suffered because she couldn't see well, she couldn't hear well, and she had arthritis. The kids watched as April and her brothers were born. She has been in our family all her life. Her mother, Holly, was a Christmas gift from Pam.

Even though she was old, she still found the energy to get excited when the kids visited. They all loved her and we will miss her.

We also said goodby to our old van - yes we sold it. We traded it to a guy who installed a sprinkler system for us. We had to pitch in a little extra because the van wasn't worth the whole job, but we are excited that the van will have a new home. I'm sure it has potential for many more miles.
We bought it when it was 4 years old and put aproximately 150,000 miles on it. It was a good old van - took us to Wisconsin and back when we picked up Kyle from his mission. It took us to the Oregon coast and Mt. St. Helens for family vacations. And who knows how many activities it took our kids to. After we bought the newer van, the kids drove it - to thier jobs, to mutual, to college. It was reliable and a good van, but we didn't need 3 cars in the family.


Kyle and Kat said...

Some good-byes are sad, but it makes it easier to know it is for the best. It will be different around the house now.

Melissa Giles said...

She was a very good dog! We were prepared for her to leave us but that still doesn't make it easy. We will always remember her and the wonderful memories she gave us.
And... good riddens to that old van!