Friday, July 3, 2009

June activities

June was busy! The flowers in my yard were incredible! We had lots of rain which put us behind on our garden, but we were able to get our garden in (after the trenches and water lines of May).

We started the month by having a reunion with our kids at the barn. We had so much fun seeing everyone at one time. I agree with Julie that the high spot was when we played hide and seek in the barn. We enjoyed our time together and wished we could be there longer.

We have traveled quite a lot in June. We went to Island Park where Kathy had a staff meeting for Family camp (which will be in August). The wildflowers were great. Usually, we see Island Park camp during the hot summer and it was fun to see it in the spring when the wildflowers were out and blooming. Unfortunately, a lot of my pictures were blurry - I guess I was too close.
Then we received some bad news that Danny Massey (a nephew - son of Vic's sister Loreen) had passed away from a brain tumor. It was sad that the family is still grieving from the passin of Loreen in January 2008. We were not able to get to Loreen's funeral because of illness and weather, so we felt we should be there for Danny's funeral. So we hopped in the car on Wednesday and drove for 8 hours to Walla Walla, WA and drove back after the funeral on Thursday.
I guess we hadn't had enough traveling because we made a trip to Utah on the last weekend of the month for an Olsen family reunion. It was good to see Devin and Gene again - Anna and Cole are both growing up way too fast. It was also good to see Yvonne & Connie and lots of their kids and grandkids. Hopefully, we can keep up that tradition and more of our kids will make it and get to see their cousins again.
An update on the trench - things are almost back to normal. We have inproved on the design of the flower bed in the front - it is now two levels. We planted annuals there for this year. The trench is filled and grass is starting to grow. Life is good!

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