Sunday, May 17, 2009


We had our water line replaced this week. All the flowers you see here are gone. We did dig them up and put them in crates. Then, we gave them a temporary home in the garden in the back yard. They are happy for the time being...

This 2nd picture is of this backhoe digging - it is amazing how they can take a big machine like this and be so gentle. Yes, they dug up all the flowers; but he was careful not to disturb the cement border that Vic put in for me years ago. Count your blessings!!!

The third picture is the after picture. Yes, things are still unsettled. We still have a hole in the yard - the water leak was actually on the City side of the hole. They haven't come to replace their part yet. So we are not back to normal..........

While we were in the mess, we chose to add a daylight basement window. You can see in the picture where the outside water faucet is in conjunction to the window well. So we had him dig over another 5 feet, A-cor (a cement cutting company) cut the hole to the exact dimensions Kyle asked. And yes, we got a visit that night from Kyle, Kat and the girls while Kyle installed the new window.

This last picture is of the new window and window well. It is great - it really makes a big difference in the lighting in our basement. We still have to replace the sheetrock around the window, but we were going to do that anyway because over the years it has gotten wet; but that is a project for another day.

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Cindy said...

I want you to know that seeing the projects that you guys are getting done gives me hope...that one day it will be our turn! ;)