Sunday, August 12, 2012



They say bad luck comes in threes. I have fallen three times this summer and each time my right knee took the brunt of it. So...I need to be more careful or put myself in a padded cell. There were 3 funerals of friends that we attended within a week. And there are also good things that happen in threes.

As I got thinking, there have been more things that have happened in threes or multiples of threes in the recent past. On the 3rd of August we celebrated 39 years of marriage. 3 is Vic's favorite number and we were married on the 3rd. 9 is my favorite number and 3 x 3 = 9. So this one was fun for us. In addition to our anniversay there are two family birthdays during the first part of August: Sydney's on the 8th and Chris' on the 9th. (Happy 15th Birthday to Sydney and Happy 34th Birthday to Chris). So 1 Anniversary + 2 Birthdays = 3 special events.
 Sorry there are no pictures of our Anniversary or Sydney's Birthday.

To continue on with the 3's: There were 3 events we attended recently: Chris' birthday (above), Kaite's and Kamy's gymnastic olympics (right), and dinner with Bruce Lind, a friend of Vic's since we were in the Ammon 1st Ward where they served in the 70's Quorum together and went to the temple each Tuesday morning. That was in the days when we only had 3 kids.

There are 3 flowers blooming in my yard right now. Actually, there are more than 3, but to go along with our story about 3's, I chose these 3. There are also 3 vegetables/fruits that we are harvesting in the garden right now: raspberries, beans and the tomatoes are starting to come on.

Hope you enjoyed the story of the "Threes".

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Busy Summer

July started out with the roses in full bloom. They were so pretty.
 And the tomatoes were a managable size.

The raspberries have been doing great & the jam has been great.
(The Apricot-raspberry is sooooo goooooood)

Thanks Missy for the hanging basket (Mother's Day)

 The peas have really been yummy.

We watched Kaite play soccer - GO KAITE!!!
I especially like her form as she plays Goalie!

We enjoyed other activities: Alyvia - what a sweet baby.
The family gathered for her blessing.
We also enjoyed a visit from Vic's sister
Lauren and Jim. It was so good to see them.