Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Reunion part 3

And now what you've all been waiting for - the awards: in our kid's family order - oldest to youngest:

  • Vic: best behaved
  • Kathy: most prepared
  • Kyle: the wettest - also the best errand boy. He went on 2 bike rides - what a good sport
  • Kat: iniator of water mischief
  • Ashley: day care coordinator
  • Kamryne: dynamic duo with Anna
  • Kaitlyn: the slugger - she broke the pinata
  • Alyvia: the busiest
  • Kenzey: most at home baby
  • Chris: Character (tease)
  • Chantelle: quick cake decorator
  • Chelsea: Animal lover
  • Chayce: most celebrated - Happy Birthday
  • Devin: most daring - the 4-wheeler pulling the pipe
  • Julie: muddiest (after the bike ride)
  • Anna: Dynamic duo with Kami
  • Nick: The drinks guy - always bringing others drinks
  • Jane: Happiest baby
  • Mahon: Protector (from spiders) - at 5:30 in the morning - turned out to be a daddy long leg
  • Cindy: Aracnophobic
  • Kate: most curious

Other miscellaneous happenings:
  • We played jeopardy with family facts 
  • We did a word search with all the names in the family
  • The boys gave Vic a blessing
  • Nick helped Grandma take pictures (10 or so of the same shot - the trampoline)
  • Devin brought in the (bear proof) cooler and opened the lid to find tons of earwigs
  • Of course, everyone backed in when arriving
  • When Devin's family left, Kami was sad because her dynamic duo was gone. I had a cousin like that.
  • Windy during dinner both evenings, cloudy and looked like rain - we thought we might get poured on, but we didn't. The weather was really good the whole time.
  • Kate said "No way" all the time.
  • We missed Gene's family and Missy's family. Hope they can make it next time.

I would like others to comment and write other happenings that I may have missed.

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Melissa Giles said...

I was super sad I was missing it all when I saw all the pictures!