Sunday, July 20, 2014

Family Reunion Part 1

 We enjoyed some time with our family at Kyle & Kat's place in Ashton. We met on Friday night and set up camp, had a pulled pork dinner and roasted marshmallows. most of the kids slept in tents. Dad & I slept inside.

Saturday: Kyle & Julie got up early to go on a bike ride. Later, Kyle went on another bike ride with his brothers - I was tired just watching. Saturday morning we had breakfast burritos and cinnamon buns. 

Cute table decorations

Vic enjoyed playing with the dogs: Sam, Esau, and Zoe. All the kids enjoyed playing with Zoe as they walked by - especially Chelsea, Kate and Nick.

The kids enjoyed the trampoline and slides and water.

The big kids enjoyed bike rides, water fights, water volleyball, and 4-wheelers.

water volleyball

water balloon exploding

Audience of the water volleyball

Kyle pulling Devin

Devin pulling Nick - very slooowwwwllllyyy

Devin pulling Kyle - he sure was dizzy when he got out.

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