Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Family Home Evening

In our Ward, we have Family Home Evening once a month with a group of couples. Ironically, we are called the "Empty Nesters." Vic & I were invited to "Empty Nesters" before we were officially living without children at home. The couple that invited us told us they had a special speaker and we "wouldn't want to miss this one." Then if we chose, we could continue coming and if we didn't want to, we weren't obligated. Well, we enjoyed it and the first thing we knew we were on the list to be hosts once a year in our home. That was 6+ years ago and we are still attending.

Vic and I are probably, no, we are the youngest couple there. Most of the others have filled missions as Senior Missionaries. We have watched as our group has dwindled as some of the men of the group have passed on and their sweethearts have moved on to join another group in our ward - the widows group. They meet every Monday night and enjoy the association with each other. We have also watched as new couples have moved in and have joined our group.

Well, over the years, we have had a "Cowboy Poet" in our midst. He often recites poems that he has memorized. I am so amazed at the fun poems he chooses and recites. Last night, Monday, we were privileged to hear yet another of his poems. What fun we had as we listened to him - for over 5 minutes (it was a long poem and he remembered it all). We were also very blessed to have another friend there to sing and play his guitar. He also leans towards the Cowboy side of things and is an accomplished Yodeler. When was the last time you heard someone yodel? Well, he must have sung 6 songs that had yodeling. Both of these guys go regularly to Cowboy gatherings and perform there. How lucky we are to have them as friends.

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Melissa Giles said...

Cool! Yodeling is pretty neat! I hope they have some sort of group like that when I am a "empty nester".... but that will be a long time from now!