Friday, June 21, 2013

Mixed feelings

Today, I am happy yet sad; excited yet deflated; anxious yet scared; knowledgeable yet unknowing. In other words I have mixed up feelings.

I now have keys to the Idaho Falls Institute and the Idaho Falls Seminary and I do not have keys to the office in the Hinckley on the BYU-I campus. I now have a laptop for work to carry around between programs.

I will no longer have 40-minute drives to work, but will miss listening to books on CD during those drives. I definitely won't miss those drives on snowy mornings or in the dark. I like being closer to home.

I have trained the secretary that will take my place and have been given training for my new position.

But, each time I start new things, I am a little anxious until I get the hang of things. Wish me luck!


Melissa Giles said...

I wish you were relocating to Indiana.... and then to where ever we are ending up!
It's bittersweet to leave something you've invested so much into. I get that. But you'll do great in Idaho Falls!

Vic and Kathy Baldwin said...

Thanks sweetie! I wish we lived in the same city too. I feel a little lost right now because I don't know where anything is; but I am learning.