Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camp Cumorah

On the way to Camp Cumorah, we were able to see the windmill farm. We didn't realize that there are hundreds of them up there - not just the ones you see on the skyline from Ammon. If you haven't driven up there recently - I suggest you do. They are huge and they cover several miles.

Camp Cumorah still has the lake complete with beavers. This picture is taken from the amphitheatre (flag area). The first night there as we were having our flag ceremony, the beavers were having a great time swimming around the lake.

There is now a lodge at the Camp - it is huge! There is a big meeting room, a kitchen and a shower-bathroom area.

This is a view from the lodge.

Camp wouldn't be complete without the Priesthood skit where they have someone else be the arms and they have to feed them which gets all over their face.

It was fun to be at Cumorah. The campsites have been improved. There is running water and electricity in each campsite now. There is a cemented area big enough for 4 picnic tables, and tent pads have been leveled out and surrounded by logs. The camp is bigger now, the roads have been gravelled and camping areas in each site (like a forest service campground). There are probably twice as many camps as there used to be.

Camp wouldn't be complete without certification - fire without matches is always a fun one.

It was fun to camp, but it is good to be home.

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