Saturday, June 12, 2010


As you may or may not know, dad and I are family history consultants. We work at it off and on and I am constantly drawn to David Baldwin, born in 1803 inChenango County, New York. I have found a book on the history of Chenango County and have found other Baldwins who lived in the area at the same time. I am looking for them to see if they tie in to David.
The High Councilman in our Stake, Brother Yerrington, came over this week to teach us more and get us excited about helping others in our ward. As he went through our pedigree, he was teaching us about the Danish customs (he has a degree in Danish and English customs) and it was very fun to learn more. But after he left, I couldn't find the line he was showing us. So last night I was just going through my family tree and trying to find that line. I was going through each name and seeing how far back it went. One line in the Robinson family goes back to the year 1000. That was exciting to find.
Well, then I started looking through dad's lines and one line kept going back farther and farther. It went back farther than 1000 and it was in a line of kings. I was excited as I kept pushing the button to see how far it would go. Well, I started recognizing names from the Bible, like Abraham and Isaac and jacob. And everyone knows that if the line goes that far, it can go all the way to the beginning.
I was amazed as the name Adam - 1st man appeared on my screen. Dad asked me which line I was looking at and I couldn't remember. So I pushed the back arrow a whole bunch of times and it brought me back to the line I started on.
Now is the test - I want to see if you can find this line. Let me know your results.

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db said...

I'm guessing either Heber C. Kimball or Thomas Henry WRIGHT(1818,England) or Absalom PERKINS(1797,SC)

Am I close?