Sunday, May 30, 2010


We learned about Ruth and Naomi today in Sunday School - how Ruth went back to Jerusalem with Naomi and joined her church. What a tribute to Naomi. Her daughter-in-law gave up her traditions and being with her family to join Naomi's family. She not only went with her, but she gleaned the fields so she could care for Naomi. Then Boaz told her to stay with the maidens and have lunch with them. Ruth saved half of her lunch for Naomi. She worked hard to take care of Naomi and listened to Naomi as she gave her advice on marrying Boaz. The customs in those days were such that Boaz married Ruth and their children were actually part of Ruth's 1st husband's family. Ruth gave her firstborn son to Naomi because she didn't have any more sons - they had all died.
I loved my mother-in-law and only had priviledge of knowing her for 5 short years. She was good to me and I wish I could have learned more - hindsite is always better than foresite. She was happy that we had 3 sons before she left this earth. She was a great grandma to our sons. I often wonder about how happy she would have been with our 6 children. Missy often told me that she missed grandma Baldwin - she never knew her. I'm sure that Grandma and Missy were great friends in the heavens above.
I have some wonderful daughter-in-laws & a great son-in-law. I couldn't have chosen better mates for my children. They are the mothers to my grandchildren and are teaching them the right things to do. Briant is so good to Missy and I couldn't have asked for a better son-in-law. Yes, sometimes I am envious that I can't be around them more; but my time now is spent in spoiling my grandchildren. We take opportunities whenever possible to love our children and their families.
I hope is that I chose, as Ruth, to give mom and dad Baldwin the love they deserved. I only wish the same for my children - that I can be a mom to Kat, Chantelle, Julie, Cindy, Briant and Taylor (yes, Taylor is a daughter to me already and her boys are my grandsons). Life is precious and family is the most important thing to me.
I love you all!!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa Giles said...

...and we love you too mom!!! That was so nice of you to say that about Briant. And dont' worry about not spending as much time with us now... we are together for eternity!!!