Friday, April 19, 2013

Catch Up

I am so far behind so I thought I would just add a few highlights of the past few months:
  • Hosted Empty Nester's FHE. Had Jeremiah Martin (in our bishopric and also a Seminary teacher) speak. Enjoyed learning about Moroni's visit to Joseph Smith and how he laid out the whole plan of the restoration at that time.
  • A Winter storm in January when we got a foot of snow & I stayed home from work.
  • the battery died in the car, the van wouldn't start and we had to get a ride to church. Brrr!
  • I received a copy of Mahon's mission pictures that he uploaded to Dropbox and I actually enjoyed the technology of downloading them a half hour later (it took 1/2 hour to upload and only a few minutes to download them to my computer).
  • A steak dinner with Vic to celebrate my birthday and phone calls from all the kids, siblings and friends
  • Boyd is engaged to marry Rachel.
  • A semi accident on the Snake River Bridge that blocked traffic for 12 hours and I had to detour to get to work. I now know a shorter route than I took that morning (I went 30 miles, could have done it in 15).
  • Chris & Chantelle are having a boy! due in July. Congratulations!
  • Kaite's operetta - Three of a Kind - March 10
  • Enjoyed Kyle's handiwork of the tile around the wood stove in his basement.
  • March 17 - Kathy talked in Sacrament Meeting on "Living a More Christ-like Life".
  • Finished 2003-2004 of "Memories of Home". I read and reread all of Mahon's mission letters. What a great, testimony-building experience. Two years down, eight to go.
  • I will have a new assignment (for work) next year in Idaho Falls. I am so excited not to have to drive to Rexburg every day.
  • We had a new granddaughter - Cynthia Katherine (Kate) born March 25, 9 lbs. 8 oz and 21 in. long. We are so excited for Mahon & Cindy. I believe her birth and Cindy's health are the biggest miracles of our family this year. She is a real doll with all that dark hair! That makes #11 for us - the 8th granddaughter.
  • enjoyed movie, popcorn, and games with Ashley, Kaite, Kami, and Livy while Kyle & Kat enjoyed an anniversary date.
  • The best kind of April Fool's Joke from Devin: "Julie's not pregnant. April Fools." She's due in October - congratulations!
  • Went to Utah to visit - Devin and Julie invited us down to watch conference with them. We enjoyed our time there and meeting our new granddaughter. Vic went to Priesthood with 3 of his sons: Devin, Gene, & Mahon.
  • Kami's 5th birthday. I still can't believe she is 5.
  • Enjoyed the u tube video of Devin and Gene putting together a swingset in Devin and Julie's yard.
  • Puppy sat Esau for Chris & Chantelle while they went to Canada for Chantelle's sisters mission farewell.
  • And last, but not least, I love talking to Missy on the phone almost every day. I love it when I hear the words from Andrew "Hi Grandma".
These and many more things have been keeping us busy. I am finding it a real challenge as I continue to work on "Memories of Home". As the kids have married and started families of their own, it  is harder to collect photos, etc. But the days of digital cameras makes collecting them a bit easier. I am enjoying following them on Facebook and blogs and check almost every day - I am a little disappointed when they don't post. So keep up the good work, kids. Thanks for all the fun times over the last few months.

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