Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hazen is 100

Hazen Olsen, my dad, was born on December 24th. We always celebrated his birthday with a cake and ice cream. This year was his 100th birthday (which we celebrated without him). We had cake and ice cream after our Christmas Dinner. We were in Ashton for the big event. Devin sent peanut clusters to everyone - mom made some too along with the little white chocolate lambs. When I told my sister Yvonne, she said he was probably smiling down on us. Happy Birthday Dad!

Chelsea told us some great news! Congratulations to Chris & Chantelle. New baby due in July.

Lyvi loves to suck on oranges.

Kami had a chocolate pretzel (there was milk in the cake). It was kind of messy. We love you Kami.

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