Saturday, November 3, 2012


After carving pumpkins, we sat down to rest. Chelsea picked up grandma's camera and wanted to play with it. Chris told her it was grandma's and she would have to ask. She looked at me and said "Please". What grandma can resist. So daddy helped her take a few pictures.

Good form!!

Then she hopped down and took a few of her own! She was spinning and taking one picture after another! But the best part was when she turned the camera off and turned it back on, punched her arm into the air and said "I did it!"                 

Just that very day I had been at church and had an "I did it!" moment of my own. I played the piano for the Primary program. I was so scared that I would mess up and not be able to play. I practiced on the piano in the Hinckley building, on the piano in our chapel and of course, at home - over and over and over again. The day of the program, I arrived early to practice once more. I did fine until people started coming in and then my hands started shaking and I was scared. You can believe that I was doing a lot of praying before the program started. And when I started to play, I felt at peace. I played better than I know how. Of course, I have thanked my Heavenly Father because He helped me so I could say "I did it!"
Grandpa pulling faces

Chelsea spinning - this is a cool picture!

Chantelle - what fun!

Grandma taking pictures of Chelsea and then viewing them!


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db said...

Chelsea's got great taste in electronic equipement. Before you know it, she'll be hanging her masterpieces on the wall!