Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day

 On Labor Day we had a picnic at our house. As Cindy & Mahon were here from Utah, we invited Kyle & Kat and their girls, Chris, Chantell & Chelsea, and Pam for dinner. We had dutch oven potatoes and chicken, corn on the cob, veggies, watermelon, rolls for lunch. We ate on the deck and really enjoyed the meal.

The girls wanted to swing, but the wasps were flying around the swingset, so Kyle and Chris set to work spraying them. Those two also cleaned our chimney for us. Thanks!!!!

The girls enjoyed watching a video.
Grandma enjoyed playing with Livy.

Kaite joins Chelsea in the tree.

We enjoyed setting up for a family group shot.
Chelsea enjoys being up in the tree. Note her boots - so cute!
Ashley loves the tree too.

Kyle & Kat

Mahon & Cindy

Chantelle, Chelsea, & Chris

Kami is happy on dad's shoulders

We did it!!! Thanks Pam for taking the shot!

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Melissa Giles said...

It is so weird seeing everybody there but me!!! I miss you!