Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winter Birthdays

I am glad my birthday is in the winter. You know - that yukky weather when the sun only shines occasionally, you are tired of staying inside all the time, you are extremely anxious for flowers to bloom even though that will be months away, you are afraid that the ice will never melt and even more afraid that you will slip and fall and maybe break something, you panic when someone in your air space coughs and they really should have stayed home, and you are anxious for green grass.

On my birthday, I went to work wondering what the day would bring. Yes, I did go to work and what did I see before I even made it into my office - my office door was decorated with signs. They were a big advertisement and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep my secret - everyone would know. I know who did it and he had better look out come April.
I had lots of well-wishers who just stuck their head in to say "Happy Birthday" and some even brought gifts of cakes, and candies, and flowers.

Thanks to all who made my day special!


db said...

If I had made an arrow, it would have said, "Look out world! 6 down, 6 to go!"

I'm glad you had a happy birthday. I've never been able to keep my little secret. Someone always ruined it. Once I made it till 4:00 PM. This was before the days of Facebook and cell phones. Oh well, maybe when I'm 100 and can't see, or hear, maybe I'll keep my little secret.

db said...

something kinda creepy, the captcha (word verification) that appeared after my last comment is "fordevin." Fitting.