Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow Days

Aren't the trees pretty? The weather has been extremely cold and the frost does amazing things to the trees. Winter is a pretty season and when you dress warm, you don't even get cold.
Vic says you can't complain about the heat and the cold so he only complains about the cold. I don't like the heat and tell him that you can add layers when you are cold, but you can only take off so much when you are hot.
Vic would like to invent a perfect snow - one that doesn't snow on the roads and sidewalks.

The second picture is of the eaves of the house - we have a metal
roof and as the metal warms up, the snow slides down. Then it
freezes before it falls off. Quite unique.

The third picture is the snow after it has fallen off the roof. It falls with a thud that scares you if you don't know what it is. This picture is of our front step - the snow pile is higher than the 2 steps up to the top.

This is Vic and his new snow blower. He is truly happy that he got it for Christmas because he has used it quite a lot this winter. He is blowing the snowpile that fell off the roof into the driveway.
He spends a lot of time cleaning snow. First he cleans the driveway and sidewalks, then the snow plow comes by and he does the end of the drive and the sidewalks again. Then the snow falls off the roof and he is at it again.


Julie Baldwin said...

I love the snow, but I'm ready for Spring.

Kyle and Kat said...

I am glad Dad has so much fun clearing the snow. Tell him he is welcome to blow snow here whenever he wants!